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CB Cam Insights

See the whole picture

Focus Working

Zero setup

There's no change to your Chaturbate setup or routine required to accommodate CB Cam Insights, we just turn it on for you and you get the data, that's it - easy.


Detailed Session Breakdown

Analyze any of your cam sessions in detail - when and how you earned tokens, how your audience changed over time and other significant events.

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Track Tips and Tippers

Keep track of your top tippers and see when and how much they tipped you over time so that you can focus on individuals when needed.

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Earnings Distribution Analysis

Make better decisions on when to be on cam based on your most profitable days and time slots.

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Achieve your long-term goals

Review your progress on Chaturbate rankings, followers and viewers over the last few weeks and months.

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Develop your fan base

Easily see how your viewership changed, or how many followers you gained per cam session or day and how your follower count developed over time.